Candy Man is due October 2nd!  I made a typo on the newsletter and it had the incorrect date (October 20th).  Please turn these in on the 2nd.  Sorry for the error!
Students may now low onto the flocabulary website to listen to the songs and practice their vocabulary words.  The password and username is WHRobinson!
We will have new flocabulary words each month.  This month we have ten words including:  wonder, warn, universe, shelter, planet, peak, evening, Earth, cliff and bright.  Please use these words with your children and help them to understand what each of these words mean.  
This week we are continuing to work on place value in math and how to write numbers in different ways.  We are going to use food to represent our hundreds block (graham cracker), tens rod (pretzel) and ones cube (marshmallow).  I have had a parent volunteer to bring in everything except graham crackers.  Please let me know if you can send a box in.  Thanks for your support!
This week in math we are working on different ways to write numbers.  We are learning how to write numbers in word form, standard form and expanded form.  Students are also practicing using a hundreds board to write their numbers one to one hundred.  Please practice these skills at home as well!