We have read many great books this year!  We just finished Junie B. Jones Jingle Bells Batman Smells, P.S. So Does May and now we are going on a great adventure with our Magic Tree House friends to help Charles Dickenson!  We have also read many picture books such as Ira Sleeps Over and The Talking Crayon Box.  What is your favorite book and why?
I will be in Costa Rica for my wedding during the counties scheduled conference day; however, you may sign up for a conference on October 16th!  Thanks so much for your understanding and support (:

You may click on the link below to sign up for a parent conference:


Also, please fill out this survey to help us make the most of our conference time: 


Candy Man is due October 2nd!  I made a typo on the newsletter and it had the incorrect date (October 20th).  Please turn these in on the 2nd.  Sorry for the error!
Students may now low onto the flocabulary website to listen to the songs and practice their vocabulary words.  The password and username is WHRobinson!
We will have new flocabulary words each month.  This month we have ten words including:  wonder, warn, universe, shelter, planet, peak, evening, Earth, cliff and bright.  Please use these words with your children and help them to understand what each of these words mean.  
This week we are continuing to work on place value in math and how to write numbers in different ways.  We are going to use food to represent our hundreds block (graham cracker), tens rod (pretzel) and ones cube (marshmallow).  I have had a parent volunteer to bring in everything except graham crackers.  Please let me know if you can send a box in.  Thanks for your support!
This week in math we are working on different ways to write numbers.  We are learning how to write numbers in word form, standard form and expanded form.  Students are also practicing using a hundreds board to write their numbers one to one hundred.  Please practice these skills at home as well!
Parents:  Please make sure you sign agendas each night.  This is where students will record their HW and I will leave any notes for you.  You may also leave notes regarding transportation in the agenda but please ask your child to show any notes to me first thing in the morning. Our "All About Me Bag" is due before Friday.  Thank you to those who have shared their bags so far.  We really enjoyed getting to know more about you!  Thanks so much for helping our year start off so smoothly!  
It was so great to meet so many of you on open house night.  I look forward to an exciting year!  Students and Parents:  Is there anything about second grade that makes you nervous?  What are you the most excited about?  Please respond to this blog to share!  See you Monday!
We have almost concluded our novel study on Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling.  We learned several new vocabulary words while reading this novel.  Use one of your new words while also explaining one of the five themes of the story (plot, character, conflict, theme, setting).